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Poseidon Spin Jerker PSPJ 502 PE#2.5 (USED, 9/10)

Poseidon Spin Jerker PSPJ 502 PE#2.5 (USED, 9/10)

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#Evergreen Poseidon Spin Jerker PSPJ 502 PE#2.5, used 9/10, with rod sleeve/bag.

- Blank & guides in tip top condition
- slight yellowing of belly guides


full length 1.58m  Number of joints
Standard weight 201g  power  
Lure range 60-150g (3oz)  Line Range PE2.5 


A blade that cuts the sea. Poseidon Spinjerker series.

Spin Jerker 502

What we wanted from a jigging spinner was a tip with stiffness and tension that would allow us to control the movement of the jig, a rod with length and lightness that would allow us to make the most of our strength, and a bend curve and butt power that would give us an advantageous lead in our interactions with the fish. In other words, we pursued a blank that would allow us to lure the target with a rhythmic action that would allow the top to come alive even when the jig was jerked sharply, set the hook firmly, and bring it in all at once.

The result was the Poseidon Spinnerker series, with an unprecedented short length, high-power butt, and complete blank-through. Outstanding operability that allows the angler to directly control the jig according to their will. And a high-performance jigging spinner that can receive the charge of the target with the entire rod and win the fight all at once without losing control. The Poseidon Spinnerker series.

Spin Jerker 502 is a versatile light-class model perfect for shallow waters with a depth of around 50m. It can handle 3oz. class (70-110g) jigs with ease and technical skill.

■Precautions for using the Spin Jerker series
*The jig weight is a guide for the use of the Spin Jerker jig and line, but the pulling resistance varies depending on the shape of the jig, so it is only a guide. The PE number is a recommended value that takes into account the strength and usability of the blank. Also, the indication is only a guide for use and does not indicate strength.

  • ■ Guide system
    The Fuji stainless steel frame SiC ring double foot guide is double wrapped for strength.
  • ■ Completely blank-through structure
    The Spin Jerker series is designed with a completely through blank structure, literally seamless from the top to the end of the rear grip. Not only does it have exceptional power transmission, but it also allows for efficient use of the entire rod, even with a short rod. This allows the rod to respond flexibly and powerfully to unexpectedly large fish, while still boasting an overwhelming lightness and slender blank, demonstrating incredible flexibility.
  • ■ Original Arbor
    Evergreen's original arbor is used as the spacer material that fills the gap between the blank and the reel seat. This ultra-lightweight, ultra-sensitive material significantly improves the ability to "sense" changes in the bottom quality and tides, as well as the presence of fish.
  • ■ Double nut system
    The uplock method makes it easy to touch the nut when gripping it, but the double nut system prevents loosening.
  • ■ Grip design
    It has ultra-high sensitivity and a completely blank-through design that allows you to fight using the full length of the rod. It has a straight grip. The grip end is made of EVA end parts that do not stick to your clothes and fit snugly when you hold it under your arm or against your body.
  • ■ Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan.

    For more information on our commitment to Made in Japan, please see here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept).
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