Plug Hook Assist (For Casting Plug)

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PLUGHOOK PLUGHOOK Don't fall apart, don't let it escape.  Single hook for casting plug

A single hook for casting plugs using the owner's Stinger SJ51OC Gorilla. Designed to compensate for the poor hooking rate, which is the weak point of single hooks, by adopting the assist line method. There is a wide range of degrees of freedom, and it reduces unraveling due to twisting. The hook wire diameter is thick, the strength against needle elongation and breakage is improved, and the drag value can be increased, so anglers can perform superior fights. Also consider the damage to the fish body in the game assuming release. However, depending on the lure, there may be no action due to the low water resistance to the hook. We recommend that you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages before using this product.


Single hook for PLUGHOOK plug hook castingPLUGHOOK PRICE Plug hook price


PLUGHOOK SIZE plug hook size

PLUGHOOK SIZE plug hook size

PLUGHOOK plug hook