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Pinky 200M

Pinky 200M

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"The important thing is the elongation and thickness of the line." The horse mackerel has to change the appearance of the atari in various ways depending on the bait, and also the weight of the jig head. At that time, it doesn't matter if the heavy jig head sinks on any line, but it may not be eaten unless it is a light jig head of 1g or less. At that time, the jig head does not easily sink due to surface tension in thick lines and floating lines such as PE and fluoro. The thinner the line, the lower the line resistance and the easier it is to sink, but on the other hand, the thinner the line, the longer it becomes. If there is growth, there will be a delay. If the line has a high elongation rate, that tendency becomes even more pronounced. When the line is extended, even if you think that you have put a small twitch, water pressure will be applied to the tip and you will not be able to link the jig head and move it. Therefore, the tip, that is, the movement of the hand and the deviation occur, and it becomes a strange feeling and it becomes difficult to take a hit. There is no problem if it is a shallow of about 2m, but the deeper it gets, the more difficult it becomes to understand.

Since this line uses polyester as the material, it hardly stretches and has a specific density of 1.38, so it does not float.
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