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Pin Tail Sawara Tune 42G

Pin Tail Sawara Tune 42G

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Designed specifically for Spanish mackerel

"Pintail Sago Stune" was released as the industry's first lure exclusively for Sago sea bass. The simple usage of ``just winding it'' combined with its proven track record in the field has earned it support from many anglers. Sagoshi is becoming a gateway to success in the salt lure game as a target that can be easily targeted all over the country, but once you take a boat out to the open sea, you can encounter large ones that are over 1 meter long. This "pintail Spanish mackerel tune" was retuned for use against Spanish mackerel in response to requests from passionate offshore anglers. Two sizes have been added to the lineup: 105mm/35g and 120mm/42g. Rather than just increasing the size, we redesigned it from the ground up to create the automatic flat action inherited from Sagoshi Tune, and released it with the best settings. The Pintail Japanese Spanish mackerel tune can be used not only offshore but also when targeting sago fish from the shore, and can also be used to target large individuals from highly active schools. Please experience the big fish game using Pintail Spanish mackerel tune. 

Name (Weight) Size Type Hook
Pintail Spanish mackerel tune (42g) 120mm Super Sinking #2
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