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Petit Ring Opener

Petit Ring Opener

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Super compact and convenient to carry! Moreover, the pliers shape makes it easy to work with.
Ultra-light and compact size with a total length of only 6cm and weight of 8.5g, which can be quickly taken out and used for replacing split rings at the fishing spot. Hanging is easy with the pin-on reel. It will not get in the way even if you put it in the case with the lure. In addition, since it is a plier type that allows you to easily apply force, it is much easier to work with than the conventional tweezers type.
2 sizes according to ring size
S size (orange) is compatible with Nos. 00 to 2/M size (black) is compatible with Nos. 2 to 5 split rings (split ring sizes are not fixed, so the size that can be opened varies depending on the manufacturer).
Comes with a lock ring for safe carrying
By attaching a lock ring that locks the opening and closing, you can safely hang it on a pin-on reel, etc., without the tip getting caught on clothes, etc. In addition, the lock ring can be fixed inward, so it does not get in the way when in use.
petit ring opener
item Color Compatible ring size JAN code
S orange 00-2 739139
M black Numbers 2 to 5 739146
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