PE Evolution (line conditioner)

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PE Revolution

Long-lasting effect with silicon and fluorine * Can also be used with spinning tackle

The special silicon agent transforms into a vitreous film when exposed to air, and at the same time, fluorine promotes slippage, making the effect last longer than conventional products.
  • Restore firmness and stiffness
  • distance up
  • Increased smoothness

  • use

    Please spray the whole while the new PE line is wound on the spool. The fluorine component coats the surface, improving the slip and increasing the flight distance.
    Spray it on the PE line that has been used, and restore the tension of the line with the surface coating and internal penetration effect.
    Friction is reduced even in fall fishing such as jigging, and the line is released smoothly.


    Spray evenly around the PE line wound on the spool.
    You can use it immediately after spraying. In that case, the surface coating effect will improve the sliding.
    A few minutes after spraying, the surface coating agent dries and begins to penetrate inside the PE line.
    As a result, it is possible to revive the tension even on a slightly fuzzy line.
    *For finesse reels, we recommend removing the spool before spraying.

    Precautions for use

    PE Revolution (silicon agent) is not toxic, but if you inhale the mist or get it in your mouth or eyes, it will cause some irritation, so please be careful not to get it in.
    In the unlikely event that it gets in your mouth or eyes, immediately wash it off with running water.


    name line coating mist
    component Fluorine + special silicon agent + water
    internal volume 60ml