Panari Takidun S82BF

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Model Takidun S82BF
Code S82EP
Action R.
Length (ft) 8'2"
Folded length (cm) 161
Rear Grip Length (cm) 46cm (from center of reel seat)
Rod Wt. (g) 309
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) -
PE (# ,MAX) 3-4
Cast Wt. (g) 25-100

For all targets in the 10kg class

A light standard casting rod targeting bluefin trevally and large flyfish.

"Panari series" was born after receiving the name of the islands connected to Yaeyama.

Panari means "separate" in the Yaeyama language, and here it means a remote island or remote island.
The Panari series was born with the image of traveling around a large island with small islands one by one.

The blank color is a color that imitates "Yaeyama Kuroki" , which is used as a raw material for sanshin. I think it looks darker brown than usual, but this is the color of Yaeyama Kuroki.
The thread is a fabric called "Minsa weave" , and the blue gradation seen in recent years has been adopted as the thread color after the color of the Yaeyama sea.

Taketomi Island is called "Takidun"
in the Yaeyama dialect, and "Takidun S82BF" was born from the name of this island. 

The test field for the Panari series is Ishigaki Island.
Starting with the rich sea of ​​Yaeyama, this series is filled with the desire to get people interested in the language, culture, and climate.

For 10kg class Bluefin trevally, Huefuki, and general targets in the coastal waters

The Takidun S82BF was developed with the main target being black trevally.
There is a similar rod called "Baritono 80" supervised by Ishigakijima Escape, but the Baritono 80, which was originally targeted for Taman, was a little uneasy about its power when dealing with bluefin trevally. On the other hand, it is also a opponent whose tackle is too strong with a GT rod. Feeling the need for a rod with the best power range for 10kg class bluefin trevally, the development of "Takidun S82BF" started.

The lure is a 40-60g pencil, plug, etc.
The power band is the softest model among the 3 models in the Panari series.

Bluefin trevally moves particularly quickly among the blackfin trevally and has good eyesight, so it is often overlooked just before it bites a lure.
Therefore, even while the fish is chasing, it is necessary to move the lure delicately but sharply so that it cannot be overlooked.
The tip that enables delicate action even with a small plug, as well as the instantaneous power that can instantly respond to a strong fight after hooking.
And the test was continued in search of the power that could be endured.
Equipped with a small diameter multi-connected straw setting to improve the instantaneous power of the entire rod.
In addition, the entire rod bends and has the power to handle the powerful fight of blackfin trevally.
This rod has the specs necessary for catching 10kg class fish in the coastal waters, starting with the reef game.




The guide setting is equipped with Maeda Seisakusho 's "Straw Setting" , which has a small diameter and multiple connections .
The multi-connection system makes it possible to smoothly remove the leader even for small diameters, and to prevent troubles by suppressing fluttering of the PE line.
By optimizing casting under strong winds and improving the efficiency of blanks power transmission, we support anglers who continue to fish all day long.
A long leader can be used, but a short leader system where the knot comes to the butt guide is best.

[Guide setting]

#12 PMNSG8S (reverse attachment)
#13 PMNSG12S (reverse attachment)
 #14  PNMSG30S (reverse attachment)

Made by FUJI, all SIC

As mentioned above, the name “Panari” comes from a remote island in Yaeyama. However, the Panari series is not exclusive to the Yaeyama Islands. The birth of the Yaeyama Islands. The Panari series, which was born in Yaeyama, will become your partner, and will be a driving force in creating memories not only in the Yaeyama Islands but also in various regions. As a developer, nothing would make me happier than to have such a series. We hope that you will create the best memories with the Panari series!