Option W Powers Super Long (for Kousoku Recycler 2.0)

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This optional component is used with Kousoku Recycler 2.0 (sold separately), supports a set of 12 connected spools, and responds to strong tension.
The Super Long Shaft specifications support the rewinding of 12 connected PE lines and winding to empty spools.

Max. mounting width: 43 mm
Weight: 438 g
Max. tension: Approximately 5 kg (when using a spool with a diameter of approximately 70 mm, combined with the Kousoku Recycler 2.0)
Effective shaft length: 260 mm (overall length: 300 mm)
Number of ball bearings: 2
Accessories: Kousoku Recycler 2.0, Option W Powers Super Long × 1, Super Long Shaft × 1, Non slip collar ×4, Nut × 1, Screw × 1
Product Image
W Powers + Super Long Shaft Style
The use of the product, when combined with the Kousoku Recycler 2.0 (sold separately), will ensure double clamp and tension power (Approximately 5 kg).
Both axes support a 260 mm ultra-long shaft for 12 connected spools, making it possible to wind the lines on the reels with double-strong tension, with no shaft shake.
Reel in Style
Five bearings in total are used: three built-in bearings of the Kousoku Recycler 2.0 (sold separately), and two built-in bearings of the W Powers Super Long.
The product enables smooth line winding and replacement with double-strong tension.

* Connect the lines so that they will come out from the top of the spools as shown in the photo.
* If you wind them up with double-strong tension, the metal part will get hot, so take a break from time to time.
Recycle Style
With the 3.5x speed handle of the Kousoku Recycler 2.0 (sold separately), the reel lines can be quickly wound up and stored in 12 connected empty spools.

* Loosen the tension adjustment screw on the Recycler side, adjust the tension on the reel side, and guide the lines with one hand so that the lines will not come off the spools.
Assembly Method
(1) Insert the Super Long Shaft into the main shaft of the Kousoku Recycler 2.0, with the concave and convex portions aligned. Secure them with the screws.
(2) Attach the Kousoku Recycler 2.0 to a sturdy object, such as a desk, with the clamp screw.
(3) Pass the non slip collar, connecting spool, and non slip collar through the shaft in this order to prevent slipping.
(4) Pass the shaft through the bearing for the W Powers Super Long, then secure the connecting spools on both sides with the nut.
(5) After confirming that the spools are secure (do not slip), attach the W Powers Super Long to the sturdy object with the clamp screw.
(6) Adjust the tension as evenly as possible before use.
Disassembly Method
* Please make sure to check the main unit be cooling down before starting work.
(1) Loosen both tension screws for the Kousoku Recycler 2.0 and W Powers Super Long.
(2) Using a screwdriver, loosen the screw that secures the shaft.
* After winding with strong tension, it may be difficult to remove the screw.
In that case, use a tool that makes it easier to apply greater force.
(3) Loosen the nut and clamp screw (in that order) and disassemble the product.
* Store the product after use, with the tension screws loosened.