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Oppai Sutte 5-1 UV

Oppai Sutte 5-1 UV

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1. Soft body Soft body
that is hard to let go once you hold it!
The longest hugging time of more than 1 minute is recorded.
As shown in the photo on the right, the holding time is long, so it is easy to hang multiple points if you don't feel uncomfortable in the zero ten state.
The longest holding time recorded is 1 minute.

2. Specifications
Two sizes are available for deep water, shallow water, squid size, and activity.
Select 3.8 for shallow areas, tight rides, and small size, and
5 cm for deep areas, high activity, and good type.

3. Matsuba Needle
Number of needles and wire diameter considering good sticking and difficulty of disassembling.
Uses domestic Matsuba needles.
Both 3.8 cm and 5 cm are excellent at sticking with 6 sticks of φ0.5!

4. Body color
When the cloth gets wet, the color of the body permeates and appeals.
Available in 3 body colors to suit any situation.

5. Red eye
The red eye is excellent at attracting fish and appeals to squid.

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