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Ocea Bubble Dip 180F Jet Boost (OP-118R)

Ocea Bubble Dip 180F Jet Boost (OP-118R)

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180mm 76g Floating

Inviting amberjack and yellowfin tuna. You can also splash and dive at the same time!

3-line eye system that allows you to change the hook depending on the situation. Improved flight performance with jet boost and bubble chamber. Make them notice with a splash that is not too big, and make them eat by diving. Bubble dip is a slim popper that supports the new standard method for amberjack and yellowfin tuna games. The small cup makes it easier to make a splash than a regular pencil bait, making it easier to grasp the lure's position even in rough water, and the splash, which is smaller than an offshore popper, is designed with the idea in mind that it can reach the nabula of a small bait.


Single hook compatible design

Bubble dip uses a 3-line eye method with the assumption that it can be replaced with a single hook. The triple hook installed by default is set at the center eye and rear eye. When changing to a single hook, the range of compatible hooks is expanded by setting the front eye and rear eye.

bubble chamber

When diving, it has the effect of attracting sparkling fine bubbles into the water to appeal to the user, and also functions as a vent for air from the cup part, which creates a lot of air resistance when casting. A bubble chamber that generates fine bubbles. It imitates the glitter of the scales that sardines drop into the water when they run away.

JET BOOST&through wire

By adopting JET BOOST, which has a spring layout at the rear of the weight, it was developed with the aim of efficiently increasing initial velocity during casting and improving flight distance performance. It also has a through wire inside, so it has excellent body strength.

*①JET BOOST ②Through wire

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