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Ocea Bespoke Hiramasa 190F Flash Boost (XU-B19V)

Ocea Bespoke Hiramasa 190F Flash Boost (XU-B19V)

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190mm 73g Floating

Fine tune with good water connection. New weight makes it even easier to handle.

Compared to the original model Osea Pencil Bespoke Heisei 190F, the center of gravity is further rearward and equipped with newly designed weights that have increased weight to readjust the posture when staying. This tuning makes it easier to restore the posture after a jerk, and is designed to reduce dive mistakes and create more complex slalom actions. In order to achieve the desired action, we recommend checking the movement and adjusting the hook tune according to the situation at that time.

Key features

Fine tune Osea Pencil bespoke Heisei 190F. Even more high performance with flash boost & new weight.

Ocea Pencil Bespoke Heisei 190F is equipped with Shimano's original flushing system, Flash Boost. Furthermore, by placing a special molded weight with increased weight at the rear center of gravity, the posture when staying after a jerk can be fine-tuned. Not only has it become easier to restore posture after a jerk, but the water entanglement has improved, reducing dive mistakes and making it possible to perform more complex slalom actions. #3/0 is recommended as the triple hook to use. For single hooks, we recommend using 5 to 7 g each. In either case, you can change it depending on the tackle you use and the action you want to produce. Introducing a new standard pencil that achieves stable flight distance, ease of diving, and sharp action. 

Equipped with Shimano's unique Flash Boost that continues to appeal.

Flash Boost is Shimano's unique mechanism in which a mirror-finished reflector is suspended inside the body using a spring. During diving action, it emits glitter in the water for a strong appeal. Even during the stay after jerking, the vibrations caused by the waves are amplified and a quick sparkling flash is emitted to continue attracting the target. Even in rough conditions where lures often stop due to mis-actions, the probability of being abandoned by fish is reduced, and you can get more chances to hit. 

Proven & NEW colors that use scale boost for all colors.

The lineup includes a total of 6 colors based on the 3 types of scale boosts A, N, and T, arranged with colors backed by actual results. Based on N sardine and A flying fish that attract with natural and appeal, A orange, N pink sardine, and N white that are highly visible to anglers, and T type scale boost with scales that are both transparent and appealing. A new proposed color T Sardine Mint, which is a mix of mint colors, is a color that is as powerful as any other.


Equipped with a flash boost, the 190mm size fits any bait. I think this will be the main lure for my own amberjack game.

The Osea Bespoke Heimasa 190F Flash Boost is a standard diving pencil for amberjack games, the Osea Pencil Bespoke Heimasa 190F, which is equipped with a flash boost. There are so many anglers using Bespoke Heisei 190F, so I've been waiting for it! I think there are many people who say that. There is no doubt that having Flash Boost installed will improve its appeal. The built-in reflector has great appeal. The effect can be expected at any time, but it is especially effective in tidal waves, in low light conditions, and in shadowy patterns. This is a situation in which you can expect a hit with amberjack, but when the sea surface is bubbling, it can be difficult for fish to find you. If it is equipped with flash boost, it will definitely appeal to you. Also, there are times when the lure stops in the tidal waves, but even in such cases, the Flash Boost will continue to appeal.

The flash boost is not the only difference from the Osea Pencil Bespoke Heisei 190F. The weight has been increased by 3g, and the center of gravity is set further back. As a result, more parts are submerged in the water when floating, and the Flash Boost reflector is designed to shine underwater. Since many parts are submerged in water, it also has the advantage of being able to absorb water better than ever before. It is easy to dive into the water, the action is stable, and there are fewer action errors. A further effect of weighting up is that not only will you be able to fly farther, but you will also be able to use a wider range of rods. Taking the Osea Plugger Limited as an example, I thought M or MH would be appropriate for the Osea Bespoke Heisei 190F Flash Boost, but with the increased weight, H is also an option.

The recommended hook size is #3/0, but if you want it to get more tangled in the water, you can change it to #4/0, or if you want it to move more easily, you can change it to #2/0. I think it is important to change it according to the fish predation scene at the site. If #3/0 doesn't catch water well and tends to jump out, I think using #4/0 will make the action more stable and easier to use. If you are aware of your own feelings or hear from your fellow boaters that they get a lot of bites underwater, we recommend using #4/0 to further increase the effect of the flash boost underwater. I think setting #2/0 makes it easy to use even with non-stop jerks. Even if you wind it quickly, the body will swim with less wobbling. I think it will be easier to use.

There are also beautiful colors available. Among them, T Sardine Mint is a fresh color that I have never seen before. Personally, it's my favorite color. What I felt while using it was that visibility was very good. It is easy to use because it is easy to understand how the lure is moving. Some were making an S-shape, while others were swimming straight. You can clearly see which actions are going well and which ones are failing. Once you understand the action, you can adjust or modify it by changing the rod work or winding speed. In this sense, I believe that good visibility is a very important element. Up until now, I have been using colors such as A orange and N white, but I think T sardine mint will also be useful.

The orthodox size and newly designed weight balance, as well as the flash boost feature, have greatly improved the level of perfection as a lure.

Osea Pencil Bespoke Heisei 190F equipped with Flash Boost, that is Osea Bespoke Heisei 190F Flash Boost. The Osea Pencil Bespoke Heisei 190F is a very excellent lure that has brought us plenty of fishing results in the past, but based on this lure, we have set the weight balance further back to the center of gravity and increased the weight even more. As a result, it seems to be easier to get tangled in water, and there are fewer action errors. They often swim by wobbling under the water, making it difficult for them to jump out. I think it has become easier to catch fish that I would never have caught before. It doesn't have any special quirks, so it's a lure that anyone can easily handle. If you are used to it, I think you can control it at will. The flight distance is also stable. You can get a good distance not only by overhead casts but also by underhand casts.

I think the effect of having Flash Boost installed is also great. Flash Boost diffuses the light in the water in a sparkling manner, so it certainly makes it more appealing to fish that are far away or in deep water. Even when the lure stops, the reflective plate will shine and attract you. It's not the overall silhouette that appeals, but just the sparkling reflections, so I think it can sometimes look like a small fish. The strength of Flash Boost is that it is easy to react even when preying on small baits. I think the addition of an element that makes it appealing even when it is stopped has increased its power to attract fish, and it has reached the ultimate level of perfection as a lure.

You can choose from 6 colors. My basic color selection for amberjack games is when the bait is on the surface and the amberjack are chasing it, in other words when there are boils or nabulas, I often use natural colors. On the other hand, when trying to lure out fish, it is important that it is difficult to tell where the fish are. I want to be able to clearly see the process leading up to the bite, including where the lure is swimming, so I often use flashy, appealing colors. The former applies to N Sardine and A Flying Fish, and the latter applies to A Orange, N Pink Sardine, N White, and T Sardine Mint. T Sardine Mint has good visibility and is a color rarely seen in offshore lures. That seems fun. The basic hook is #3/0. In my case, I only use the treble, but if you are using a single, I think it is better to keep the recommended size and weight the same so as not to change the lure action.

I think the size of 190mm is basic and easy to use for amberjack. It is a standard size for both Sotobo and Genkai Sea. This is the size that will serve as a standard for whether to increase or decrease from here. The prerequisite is to be able to hit a sufficient distance, but in my case, in the Genkai Sea, I often start with 190mm and increase the size to 220 and 240mm, and on the other hand, in Sotobo, I use 160 and 150. , the size is often reduced to 145mm. If you have chased a fish many times but it won't catch it, you may be able to reduce the lure size and it will eat it in one shot. However, if you suddenly use a small lure, you may not be able to see the fish chasing you, or you may not be able to draw the amberjack to the surface due to the lack of appeal. Even if you try your best with small lures, you may end up wasting your time. You need to be careful here. It would be a good idea to watch the reaction of the fish, how they cling to you, and make changes.

There is a theory of match-the-bait, that is, use a large lure when you are catching a large bait, and use a small lure when you are catching a small lure, but I hope you don't get caught up in this idea. Even if the bait it is preying on is small, it often responds to large lures, and vice versa. Whether the activity is high or low, there are certain sizes to which amberjack responds easily.

On that point, the 190mm size of the Osea Bespoke Heisei 190F Flash Boost has a size that is neither too big nor too small, so when the bait is small, you can swim calmly, and when the bait is large, you can respond by moving it vigorously. is also possible. I think it's a versatile size that can be used even when the fish are boiling or when you're trying to lure them out.

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