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Night Surround Vision NSV-01 WH

Night Surround Vision NSV-01 WH

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Description of item

  • For popular genres in recent years such as Aging, Rockfish, Egging, Squid Metal, Hairtail, and night rock fishing and throwing fishing! Originally developed NSV light makes fishing more fun!
  • A special light that makes the fluorescent line easier to see and captures the trajectory.
  • Even in the dark, it illuminates the surroundings without lowering the sensitivity of the eyes, and does not cause light adaptation even when making a device.
  • It instantly reacts to fluorescent and luminous paints other than the line and emits light.

Product Details

  • Size: About width 55mm x depth 35mm x height 40mm
  • Weight: about 80g (including batteries)
  • Battery life (20 degrees continuous lighting): 2-color light/approximately 6 hours, white light weak/approximately 60 hours, white light strong/approximately 20 hours
  • 3 AAA batteries (sold separately)
  • Drip-proof structure
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