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Near kiss
Fish Body Spinner

The reason why I dared to propose "spinner" instead of the small size spawn that is becoming the mainstream of metal trout lures in recent years is
"I like spinners because I can catch them well, but the thread twists ..." This is to answer anglers who often hear the voices of anglers such as "I'm not
satisfied with making a simple body ..."
and say "I don't see many things that I like."

The weakness of the spinner and the form not found on the market. And considering the ease of use, it was made into a shape as Smith's original. That is the fish body spinner "Near Kiss".

Measures against thread twist

The problem of thread twist, which has been regarded as a drawback of spinners. As a method to solve this, it can be greatly solved by attaching a snap swivel etc., but then the point that the balance of appearance due to the addition of the length of the snap swivel to the spinner body is worrisome and the operability It is undeniable that there are many anglers who avoid it when thinking about it.

However, the spinner itself occupies most of the appeal to the fish due to the rotation of the blade, and the rotation of the blade was also the major cause of the thread twist. The rotation of the blade even causes the rotation of the body itself, which leads to the twisting of the thread.

Niakis has developed a "rolling swivel integrated shaft" that has a swivel structure on the shaft itself, and by using this, the thread twist has been significantly reduced.

Furthermore, in the conventional spinner, the fact that the body is fixed to the shaft was also one of the causes of thread twist, so the body body has a clearance with the shaft to reduce the rotation of the shaft accompanying the body. ..

Fish body

The body uses a realistic minnow body instead of the conical / coma type that is often seen in conventional products. It is not a round type round shape like other companies, but a vertically long type that is thin and has flat sides that can produce glitter when action is applied. If it is a conventional product, even if you add an action, the rotation change of the blade will only occur, but it will produce a movement that can not be imitated by other things, such as the fluctuation of the body body and the hirauchi.

In addition, the blade, which can be said to be the life of the spinner, has a very good start-up of rotation, and the rotation follows even a slight change in reeling speed.

how to use

I think that many anglers who use spinners have experienced it, but there are many scenes where "during reeling, the fish chased but did not eat". This is a pattern in which the movement of the spinner tends to be unexpectedly monotonous, there is little change in movement other than the rotation of the blade, and the appeal of another step is not enough to eat.

If it is a niakis, even in such a case, if you can use it by arranging the action with the angler's own idea such as adding an action with a rod tip or letting it fall, you will surely get good results.

Also, instead of setting the hook directly on the shaft, I dared to go through the split ring. This is because it corresponds to the case where the hook is exchanged due to the taste of each angler or the rule of the field. Of course, it's perfect for anglers who always pay attention to hook points.

Niakis 9g

SIZE 60mm
HOOK Gamakatsu Single 53 # 2

Niakis 12g

SIZE 70mm
HOOK Cartiva ST-36 # 6
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