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NEW Predator Tackle Bag XL

NEW Predator Tackle Bag XL

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NEW Predator Tackle Bag XL


Predator Tackle Bag ; Extra Large

[Predator Tackle Bag] XL package A

highly self-supporting tackle bag that is convenient for expeditions. The area around the bag is strong, yet semi-soft to the touch. It is hard and durable enough to be used as checked baggage when traveling by plane.

Made of tough nylon skin and waterproof zipper, it is highly waterproof. The design is based on Toxin's illustrations, just like the previous tackle bags. In addition to the previous green, there are now three colors: black and red. When used with the Jet Setter rod series, it creates a more unified and cool look than I expected.

The size is 40 cm wide, 32.5 cm long, and 17 cm high (depth).
(Inner dimensions: Width 38 cm, Height 30 cm, Depth 15 cm) This

tackle bag has the capacity to fit 6 to 8 large offshore reels, and can hold a variety of items while providing solid protection. This is a tough bag that is not only suitable for carrying on airplanes, but also safe to carry as checked baggage. You can leave your luggage there, or you can bring it with you.

The interior is made of felt and has one horizontally long partition board and six square partitions. You can move and fix the partition plate to any position you like. The tough exterior and soft interior will protect your important equipment such as reels and cameras.

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