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Naughty 9 15 18

Naughty 9 15 18

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Naughty Naughty [9] [15] [18]

Speed ​​that can never be cut off

Naughty is a spoon that was originally developed for deep boat games.
The concept was that the lure would fly up, down, left and right when viewed from the angler due to the quick rod action, but by making the weight lighter, the sharpness was boosted and it turned out to be an amazing action even in Okappari. did.
It was decided to develop a weight of 9g / 15g / 18g.

A normal spoon grabs water and aims for wobbling and rolling, but Naughty is the opposite idea.
"Don't grab the water." "Drain the water." When you jerk or twitch, it feels like it's slipping out, and when you notice it, it's flying like a warp in all directions.
When you stop the rod, you hover and keep the posture as it is, creating a momentary bite chance yourself.
That is Naughty.
Is there any fish that can see through this lure?
There is no problem with Naughty even in the field that is getting tougher year by year.
Because, "I have a speed that I can never give up."

model length weight hook
Naughty 9 65mm 9g Not included
Naughty 15 65mm 15g Not included
Naughty 18 65mm 18g Not included
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