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Naory Range Hunter 2.2D (Deep)

Naory Range Hunter 2.2D (Deep)

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"NAORY" is a model exclusively for light egging that targets other than bigfin bigfin squid such as spear squid, Kensaki squid, black squid, and surume squid.
Deep type ideal for near the seabed and torrent capture

●[Type lineup] Wider range to explore! In addition to the conventional S, B, and D types, the BS type is standardized.

●[Riding Balance] Reviewed "sinking speed" and "sinking posture" to power up the performance of the ride!

● [ECO sinker] Tin material with low environmental impact is used for the sinker.

● [D: Deep type] For near the seabed and torrents! (black eyes: horse mackerel pattern)

Sinking speed :
1.5D 5.5g - about 2.5 sec/m
1.8D 7g - about 2 sec/m
2.2D 10g - about 1.5 sec/m

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