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A hard lure that boasts numerous achievements as a new innovation in the i-shaped method.

“NAGISA / Nagisa” was born from the pursuit of the most important thing in the i-shaped game, which is the ultimate in naturalness, and is a professional angler who is active in Japan and overseas. Based on the experience of Seiji Kato, known as an authority, this i-shaped hard lure is realized with JACKALL's proud manufacturing know-how and technology.

In serious competition with big bass in i-shaped games, it is not uncommon for them to be cut off at just a few centimeters. The cause is a sense of incongruity due to the disturbance of the action, and the victory or defeat of the game is decided by the slightest unnatural shaking.

NAGISA has obtained stable operability by suppressing disturbance of the action by combining the rectification effect of the fins on the rear hook and the soft tail. Reproduced with an exquisite size and silhouette that can be used regardless of the field, assuming smelt and small sweetfish that bass like. Furthermore, we are thoroughly pursuing realism, such as natural processing that reproduces realistic textures and real dying eyes that imitate weakened small fish.

Two types of original suspended model and floating model.

<2022 NEW floating model>

Commercialized the floating model that was customized by a professional as a secret.
Corresponds to the relief method that produces a weakened bait on the surface of the water. It also demonstrates its true value in drift fishing methods that use wind and currents.



<Suspend model>

It is designed to be used just below the surface of the water (up to 15 cm), which is the hottest range of i-shaped games due to slow retrieve.





[Tail exchange method]




1) Prepare the body and spare tail with the damaged tail removed.

If the spare tail is bent, it will hinder the action.


2) Pass the tip of the spare tail through from the rear.

Take out the tip from the downward hole at the rear of the rear hook.


3) When the tail is firmly seated, pull it through the pilot hole and adjust the position.

Pull it out of the body up to the part that prevents it from slipping out.


4) Adjust the position and cut the tip of the anti-slip part

Please cut at the last minute position of the slip prevention part. Please note that if the surplus part becomes large, it will receive water resistance and hinder the action.

*One spare tail is attached to the main body.

*Designed to suspend at a water temperature of 12 degrees. If the ups and downs depend on the line material, thickness, and water temperature, you can adjust it by attaching weights or changing the size of the split ring.

*The tail of this product is made of elastomer. Please do not store it with other hard lures or soft lures, as it may cause color transfer, discoloration, or dissolution.

Name Length Weight Type Hook
NAGISA 65F 65mm 3.6g Floating RB-M#12
NAGISA 65SP 65mm 3.8g Suspend RB-M#12