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Takami Technos

MOZ 625 LM

MOZ 625 LM

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#TakamiTechnos MOZ 625 LM (Standard Model)

500g class. (400-600g)

・Blanks ・ High-precision blanks processed in Japan
 using the highest quality domestically produced full solid carbon materials .

The strength against breaking has high strength that cannot be reproduced with tubular blanks.
Considering that various parts will be attached to the finished rod at the blank design stage,
blank design and special parts design & materials that have been repeatedly adjusted so that the bends are beautifully connected.
This will give you a beautiful bend curve and a smooth power curve.

・Guides ・
Takami Technos' unique
guide fixing method that does not come off even after long-term use.
Threading method with high retention force has high rigidity and has a good effect on sensitivity.
Multi-point small diameter all-titanium single foot guide setting
contributes to high transmission and beautiful bend curve.
It should be noted that the length of the guide foot is equal to the width of the
thread .

・ Lightweight, hard, high-strength solid arbor ・
 In adopting a solid blank that can withstand high loads,
a high-strength lightweight material developed independently inside the reel seat.
The inside of the reel seat has a solid structure with no cavities to suppress reverberations and reverberations that can affect sensitivity.

・Painting ・ High quality and stability with costly spray painting and process with
high durability and high weather resistance high grade paint .

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