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Monstruo G 711XHC

Monstruo G 711XHC

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Model Monstruo "G" 711XHC
Code RMG711XHC
Action RF
Length (ft) 7'11"
Folded length (cm) 190.5
Rear Grip Length (cm) 42
Rod Wt. (g) -
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) 30
PE (# ,MAX) -
Cast Wt. (g) 3/4~7.5oz

A sharp action that breathes life into the big bait

A special model that handles 4oz class lightly and comfortably.

Big bait specialized model

A 4oz class big bait that is now widely used in bass fishing nationwide . Its lure action is diverse, including normal retrieve, rapid fast retrieve fishing, jerk, stop and go, etc. The heavier the lure, the more burden it puts on the angler. Monstro G711XHC is a rod that was born to focus on the 4oz class lure and handle it comfortably. The taper is a regular first that supports rapid retrieve. Especially in situations where quick action is required, such as fine jerk, it boasts an optimal response. The guide is all titanium/sic & all double wrapping.

The rear grip is 41.5 cm, which is relatively long among the Monstro G series. It is possible to move to the fight system immediately when you bite from the first retrieve. When casting a big bait, it is also characterized by less blurring.




When installing the reel, you can install it smoothly by inserting the reel foot into the upper hood first.




Monstruo "G"

The Monstro produced by Yukinobu Wu , who has killed many big basses and has been polished , will be reborn as a new Monstruo "G" .
The target is a super huge bus that is difficult to reel in. This is also the aim that Monstro has set without blurring since he was born.
Confrontation with non-standard super huge bass is very important how the distance can be shortened in an instant from hooking to fighting.
Designed with a long rear grip and a balance of the center of gravity at hand so that the rod can be held firmly from the moment the fish is hooked and can be fully bent.
It is possible to bend the rod firmly and wind the reel reliably even with a huge bass that you have never experienced.
Monstro "G" is Great G! It is developed with the hope that users who get this series will catch an unforgettable fish.




grip part




Butt part




belly to tip





*The cast weight has been changed from (g) to (oz) notation.
*The photo includes the old model.


A powerful big bait rod has been completed. In terms of power, the rod is one power higher than Monstro 710. 4oz class big bait with perfect hardness. The characteristic of the Monstro 711 is the unshakable cast feel without swinging the rod around with the weight of the 4oz class. For example DRT Crash 9. Both rip-in and lipless casting can be performed lightly, and the action can be performed without losing the pulling resistance of the rip-in. The feeling when throwing a big bait is one of the best among icicles, isn't it? The sense of security of the cast and the power to attract fish are overwhelming. Powerful in one word! Monstro 711 is a rod that suits such words. Wu practice

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