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Monstruo G 710HC

Monstruo G 710HC

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Model Monstruo “G” 710HC
Code RMG710HC
Action RF
Length (ft) 7'10"
Folded length (cm) 195
Rear Grip Length (cm) 35
Rod Wt. (g) 225
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) 30
PE (# ,MAX) -
Cast Wt. (g) 3/8~6oz

Super long throw. Kill sensitive monsters.

Specializing in long throws, this rod was developed to take down monster-sized lures that are sensitive to signs from a long distance.

2022, Monstruo series renewal

The renewed model has a new design based on black. The blank has the same power range as the previous model, but the surface has been changed to an unsanded finish.
However, the "hardness" necessary for hooking and the "stickiness" necessary for fighting, which are essential for Monstruo, are still alive and well. All to meet the monster bus. Dedicated to enthusiastic anglers who stand on the water's edge on both cold and hot days.

The world record class is noticing your presence

Developer Yukio Kure designed Monstruo based on El Horizonte 78 , which is loved by many users . Based on the chatter bait's toro winding, it has evolved into a long length and a hard tip for cutting weeds.
The long length makes it easy to create line slack, and it can handle chatter, scone rolls, and big bait dead throws.

This is the birth of a "Kure-gyoshuteki" bait finesse rod that is intended for use with a Fluoro 20lb base.

It is characterized by its long length and super flight distance from a medium-elastic blank.
It is a big advantage to be able to cast the lure far, whether it is a boat or a hook.
Monster size is more sensitive than people think. Most of them turn off the moment they detect human presence, such as footsteps, lights, and boat noises . Approach the severe monster size from a long distance so that you do not notice its presence. It is a rod developed with such a thing in mind. 

A versatile and versatile book

Its long throw performance is also active in Lake Biwa and other fields.
Breaks and obstacles that you want to pass the lure from the back just a little more. Just by increasing the flight distance by just a few meters, the probability of a bite will increase dramatically.
It should be an important item to reach the one fish that could not be caught until now. In addition, the versatile performance using 16 to 20 pounds

of fluorocarbon in Lake Biwa is noteworthy. Chatterbaits, 5-10g scones and texas, weighted rigs and weightless baits, 2-4oz big baits, 15-30g plugs , etc. Its versatility will be a big advantage for anglers.

Monstruo "G"

The Monstruo produced by Yukinobu Wu , who has killed many big basses and has been polished , will be reborn as a new Monstruo "G" .
The target is a super huge bus that is difficult to reel in. This is also the aim that Monstruo has set without blurring since he was born.
Confrontation with non-standard super huge bass is very important how the distance can be shortened in an instant from hooking to fighting.
Designed with a long rear grip and a balance of the center of gravity at hand so that the rod can be held firmly from the moment the fish is hooked and can be fully bent.
It is possible to bend the rod firmly and wind the reel reliably even with a huge bass that you have never experienced.
Monstruo "G" is Great G! It is developed with the hope that users who get this series will catch an unforgettable fish.

Of course, the long throw performance is worth mentioning is its throwing comfort. With the unique flexibility and power of Tsurara blanks, you can cast not only big baits, but also relatively light 1/2 ounce class lures at amazing distances. Even lures that are difficult to cast, such as the popular Alabama rig and the long-leader heavy Carolina rig, can be comfortably cast long distances. Although it specializes in long throws, it is a rod with a view to confronting the world record class hidden in Lake Biwa. It goes without saying that we have the power and tenacity to do so. The straight taper inherited from the El Horizonte 78 makes this rod ideal for scrolls.

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