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Monstruo G 65XXHC

Monstruo G 65XXHC

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Model Monstruo”G” 65XXHC
Action R
Length (ft) 6.5
Folded Length (cm) 137.5
Rear Grip Length (cm) 38
Rod Wt. (g) -
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) 60
PE (# ,MAX) Ten
Cast Wt. (g) 10~30oz


Super strong short rod specializing in super large lures

Monstro G65XXHC is a rod made for casting and manipulating lures from 10 ounces to 30 ounces (1 kg class) . The easy-to-handle length of 6 feet 5 inches allows you to jerk and pitch super-large lures and manipulate them as you wish. This is a product made for serious anglers who use kilo class lures to drag out fish.

Monstruo "G"

The Monstruo produced by Mr. Yukinoshu Wu , who has caught many big bass and has been polished , will be reborn as the new Monstruo "G" . The target is a super huge bus that is difficult to reel in. This is also the aim that Monstro has set without blurring since he was born. When confronting a gigantic bass that does not meet the standards, it is very important to be able to shorten the distance from hooking to fighting in the blink of an eye. It is designed with a long rear grip and a well-balanced center of gravity in order to hold the rod firmly and make a full bend from the moment you hook a fish. It is possible to bend the rod firmly and wind the reel reliably even with a huge bass that you have never experienced. Monstro “G” stands for Great! It has been developed with the hope that the users who pick up this series will catch an unforgettable fish.

Staff Comment

The power of a large lure is certainly enormous, but from here on out it's a battle with the physical strength of the human side. By using a short rod, you can reduce the burden caused by centrifugal force and be able to handle heavier lures. Although the flight distance is lower than Andre, it is characterized by overwhelmingly quick returns. You can efficiently trace the target position and section.

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