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Mononofu 45S

Mononofu 45S

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Mononofu 45S
Size: 45mm Weight: 4.0g
Hook: #14 Ring: #0

The 45S has no action quirks like the 50S, and although it weighs 4.0g and is lighter than the 50S, the weight ratio inside the body is high and it flies like a bullet to the pinpoint you are aiming for. The smaller size, usually around 45mm, is often used as a follow-up item to the main 50mm size, and the weight is also light. Mononofu 45S is not just downsizing, it is aggressive to the last. By setting the tail center of gravity slightly higher than the 50S, it is possible to drop to the target layer relatively quickly after landing on the water. However, the petite 45mm body and large lips, just like the 50S, make swimming extremely smooth. Eliminate the sluggishness when you start swimming, and you can aim for the pinpoint at a fast tempo.

Further pursuit is “formal beauty”
As a maker, or even as an angler, I want to fish with a lure like this. I want to engrave my memories with the beautiful river fish in my mind. I want to create a lure that satisfies those desires. As a lure maker, I want to deliver my products to people who value beauty. “Mononofu” was born from this idea.

Pursuing the basic performance required of lures such as ``swimming well'' and ``flying well'' is essential in lure development. When developing a new mountain stream minnow, we further pursued "beauty of form." When you get your hands on this lure that reminds you of a handmade item, you can fully satisfy your desire to possess "beauty".

I want the lure to be pure, pure, and brave, like a ``mononofu'' (samurai).
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