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Military Shoulder XL Bag

Military Shoulder XL Bag

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Military Shoulder XL [Slate Blue]

A new color, slate blue, has been added to the popular XL (Extra Large). The belt, strap, and holder system are all black, and the toughness bag consists of two slate blue body colors.

[Military shoulder extra large]
A large model of the standard "military shoulder". The total width is about 7 cm, the depth is 7 cm, and the height is 3 cm, which increases the load capacity. It is a new design that aims to be a travel bag that can hold most of the things you want to carry, and roughly anything.

Compared to the regular size (original) so far, the design has been followed, but it is a completely new design. Although it is a new design, it is also a place where I tried to make it look like the same design.

The large main compartment has room for three rows of small tackle boxes, plus extra gear in the empty space. The richness of its capacity will swallow and hold what you have one after another. Various gears to carry, play, work, and complete missions.

There is also a new zippered rear compartment. I can fit a tackle box here, a large long wallet, important documents, and two iPads (laughs). This additional compartment makes the bag even more convenient.

The fabric is the same high-end fabric as the original HD model, with high durability and high stain resistance. It is a rough bag that can be used in a variety of situations, including hard and rough use, and it doesn't get dirty, even in bad situations and environments.

The dark chrome D-rings on the front and sides are useful when fishing, hanging small items such as pliers and scissors, placing snaps here, and attaching cables for lip grips.

In addition, by adjusting the length of the shoulder belt so that it can be shortened, it can be used not only as a shoulder bag, but also as a waist bag.

Three red belts are placed on the bottom to hold long objects such as rods, so you can carry pack rods such as jet setters anywhere from fishing spots to town with this one bag. You can hold a tripod, etc. Various "long things" can be held here.


(Overall size including pockets, etc.) Width
39 x Height 23 x Depth 18.5 cm

Width 32 x Height 22 x Depth 13.5 cm
* Three lure boxes of 210 x 145 x 40 mm, which are the most frequently used, can be stored with plenty of room.

(Left side compartment and mesh pocket included)
Width 11 x Height 18 x Depth 3.5 cm
Note: The mesh pocket can hold PET bottle drinks. Originally, it can hold two automatic pistol magazines.

(Front left magazine type compartment)
Width 10.5 x Height 17 x Depth 4.5 cm
Note: Originally a long magazine holder. You can insert a box magazine, grab the magazine from the left and right openings, and take it out without opening the lid. Drum, Pan, and Helical cannot be stored.

(Front compartment)
Width 13 x Height 16.5 x Depth 4.5 cm
Note: Under the jet setter tag, there is a Velcro attachment. Equipped with belonging unit mark.

(Right side compartment)
Width 11 x Height 18 x Depth 3.5 cm

*The side pocket is good for storing small items, small pliers, etc.

*Full size pliers, small lip grips, etc. are in the front left pocket.

(Back Rear Compartment)
Length 14.5 x Width 31 x Depth 5 cm

*There are two internal pockets inside the main compartment.
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