Military Shoulder HD Bag 1.01

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Military Shoulder HD [High Definition] 1.01

Heavy-duty HD specification with improved fabric quality and stronger stitching. It is a full model change shoulder with various improvements such as the size of D-rings and mesh pockets added in various places, the length of the shoulder belt, and the belt on the bottom.

In Ver1.01, the belt on the bottom has been changed from Velcro to buckle type. The belt can be tightened more firmly, and the rod and luggage can be held more securely.

The fabric is also used for luxury bags, and it is not only highly durable, but also beautiful to stand on its own.

The dark chrome D-rings on the front and sides are useful when fishing, hanging small items such as pliers and scissors, placing snaps here, and attaching cables for lip grips.

In addition, by adjusting the length of the shoulder belt so that it can be shortened, it can be used not only as a shoulder bag, but also as a waist bag.

There are two belts on the bottom that can store rods, so you can carry a pack rod such as a jet setter anywhere from the fishing spot to the city with this one bag. You can hold something like a tripod, prepare a snack of Pringles, or a snack of sugar cane.

The appearance based on black is a design that can be used casually as a daily use in the city besides fishing. Beautiful, high-quality fabric and stitching make this a bag that can be used not only for outdoor activities, but also for walking around town.


The design is military. Image of enemy search, rear support, light warning, and patrol on foot. Other than the main compartment, it combines military pockets.

(Overall size including pockets)
Width 33 x Height 20 x Depth 13 cm

(Main compartment effective value/inner dimensions)
Width 28.5 x Height 20 x Depth 11 cm
*The most frequently used size, 210 x 145 x 40 mm 2 lure boxes can be stored with plenty of room.

(Left compartment/mesh pocket included)
Width 10 x Height 17 x Depth 2.5 cm
Note: The mesh pocket can hold PET bottle drinks. Originally, it can hold two automatic pistol magazines.

(Front left magazine type compartment)
Width 8 x Height 17 x Depth 4.5 cm
Note: Originally a long magazine holder. You can insert a box magazine, grab the magazine from the left and right openings, and take it out without opening the lid. Drum, Pan, and Helical cannot be stored.

(Front compartment)
Width 13 x Height 15 x Depth 4.5 cm
Note: Under the jet setter tag, there is a Velcro attachment. Equipped with belonging unit mark.

(Right compartment)
Width 10 x Height 16.5 x Depth 2.5 cm

*The side pocket is good for small items such as small pliers

* Full-size pliers, small lip grips, etc. in the front left pocket.

(Back pocket)
Length 16.5 x Width 25 cm
Notes: Documents, etc. Hold thin belongings. There is a cushion inside, and it acts as a cushioning material for the waist and back when equipped.

(Shoulder belt length)
Minimum: 35 cm
Maximum: 117 cm
Special note: With side release buckle

*There are two internal pockets inside the main compartment.