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Light Arm 58 Single Handle

Light Arm 58 Single Handle

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LIVRE Light Arm 58
LIVRE Light Arm 58
LIVRE Light Arm 58
LIVRE Light Arm 58
LIVRE Light Arm 58
LIVRE Light Arm 58
LIVRE Light Arm 58

[Knob Selection]
f -Forte- Fino Fino Plus
Fino Plus
(Black IP)
ff -Fortissimo- EF 30
PT 35 EP 37 EP 40
EP 41 EP 44 EP 50
PT 42 PT 48 PT 52
[Knob Color Selection]
*Color samples are PT 48.
Fire Brown (IP)

LIVRE Light Arm 58

LIVRE HANDLE compatibility


Exquisite pitch that brings out plus-plus-plus performance
Focused on customization from the standard handle lengths of 50mm/55mm to plus α, which are standard on 2500-3000 number bodies.
The ability concentrated in the pitch of the genuine handle and the voice of the custom user are embodied in the pitch of 58mm.
The custom knob is an EF30 that creates a light rhythm in the winding and meets aggressive demands.
You will experience the "plus alpha" performance and comfort that comes from the combination with the Light Arm plate, which was designed for precision and rigidity.

Newly shaped plate to receive combined forces
The material used for the handle plate is "A7075 super-duralumin," which is required to be both vigilant and strong.
A7075 ultra-super duralumin block is 3D machined by high-precision machining.
The shape of the wall is inspired by the connecting rod, one of the harshest parts used in the harshest environment among the engine components.
Receives combined compressive, tensile, and bending forces.
The plate is extremely strong.

Skirt design to match any reel
The skirt part has a simple and timeless design.
The size (height) and color can be customized, making it suitable for a wide range of spinning reels and recommended as a one-point dress-up.

Equipped with thin-wall hollow titanium knob EF30
This is a completely new type of thin-walled hollow titanium knob that combines the hemispherical shape of the EP knob, which fits the hand and is easy to grip, with the pentagonal shape from the round, smooth lines of the ff knob.
By making the maximum diameter of the knob 30 mm, the pentagonal part (bulging part) is made to catch more strongly, making it difficult for fingers to slip out.

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