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Kumihon Deep 75S

Kumihon Deep 75S

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Product Specification
Length: 75mm
Weight: 12g
Hooks: #6×2
Ring: #3

Further into the structure! Deeper! Deep diver shad that casting is decided!

▶Hit the target range with a quick dive! However, it is light and comfortable to wind around!

▶Cast ability that can be shot deep in the structure and accurate accuracy!

KUMIHON Deep75s, like the KUMIHON70s of the same series, is a shad lure that shoots deep into the structure. Despite being a long bill minnow, it has achieved overwhelming cast ability and accuracy by adopting the same magnet type center-of-gravity movement system using the same tungsten balls as KUMIHON70s. Swim after landing is very fast and stable, and you can dive in a rapid dive, so you can reach the target range within a short distance. Therefore, you can capture the target water depth even with a short-distance pinpoint shot. Also, thanks to the long bill minnow, obstacle avoidance performance has been improved, so you can approach the structure tightly without being timid. In the high-speed pinpoint shot game with a large number of casts, the heavy winding comfort that was typical of long bill minnows is fatal. Therefore, we designed it thoroughly to realize a light, stress-free winding feeling.

※To have its best performance, please make sure it swim straight by adjusting eyelet angle.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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