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Koume 90

Koume 90

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koume 90
A lure that is vibration but not vibration.
  • A slim shape that demonstrates its power with a bitter taste!
  • Horizontal action with high speed retrieve.
  • Vibration firmly even at low speeds.
The koume series has a minnow shape and a razor-like edge, reduces pulling resistance to the utmost limit, and firmly transmits vibration to the hand. The standard model has a lineup of 60mm / 11g to 90mm / 20g. The smallest koume 60 in the series is a micro bait pattern in early spring that eats small baits unbalancedly, and the koume 70/80 is an almighty that can be used all year round regardless of the season or location. The koume 90 is for preying on large baits or when you want to explore a deeper range!
  • [Overall length] 90mm
  • [Weight] 20g
  • [Type] Thinking
  • [Range] 160 cm ~
  • [Action] Vibration
  • [Hook] # 4
  • [Ring] # 3
  • [Main target] Sea bass
  • [Recommended area] Port / estuary / river / offshore
  • [Birthday] February 18, 2011
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