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Keiko Ocean Gataro 20cm F90g

Keiko Ocean Gataro 20cm F90g

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The second Pencil Popper supervised by Tuna Hunter Hideyuki Furuya!

The pencil popper was born under the supervision of Mr.Hideyuki Furuya who is called "Tuna Hunter".

"Gataro" attracts the target with its bubble drawing in the water and
the bubbly sound!The "GATARO" attracts the target with its bubbles and exciting bubble sound in the water!

Mr. Hideyuki Furuya frequently visits Tsugaru Strait, Wakayama, Mie, Okinawa, Yaeyama, etc. to chase yellowfin and bluefin tuna throughout the year. It is "Gataro" that has been fully tested and released.
When jerking the rod tip close to the surface of the water, instead of the pop sound of flashy splashes of water, it creates bubbles in the water and a crisp bubbling sound that attracts fish eaters.
The recommended action of "Gataro" is to make a line slug after a medium jerk and dart left and right to appeal to the target.
In the case of tuna, the surface of the water explodes when the stay is put in there for a few seconds. For kingfish, it is more effective to short jerk the rod tip while reeling instead of stop & go. It is intended for use with yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna, but of course it is also ideal for casting games for GT and large amberjack. High strength due to wire penetration method. Maintain a vertical position when stopping.
Handmade by master craftsman Hideyuki Tanaka, it is made of highly buoyant natural wood material with little variation in specific gravity balance.

* 2mm wire + swivel method for bluefin tuna.
*Thick shaft treble hook 3/0 or 4/0 is recommended. *Hookless.
*Due to the characteristics of natural wood materials, slight variations in buoyancy and weight may occur. Thank you for your understanding.
*Package is only simple packaging.


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