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KDW Cross Wrench (KDW-033) 10mm

KDW Cross Wrench (KDW-033) 10mm

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About KDW Cross Wrench

The KDW Cross Wrench is a special tool for removing the nuts and securing the handles of bait reels for bass.

It is designed to be tight against M10 standard nuts, so applying force when opening and tightening the nut is easy. It has a large ground contact area with the nut due to extremely little rattling, which prevents scratches and dents.

It is very efficient in working with most genuine handles because it does not interfere with the handle knob as compared to a wrench or monkey wrench.

- Made of duralumin (surface color anodized)
- Compatible with Shimano, Daiwa, Abu 10 mm nut

This is a 3-piece set consisting of the wrench body, shaft, and special screws.
Please assemble the wrench by yourself after purchase.
Please prepare a Phillips screwdriver for assembly.

This product is not 100% guaranteed to be free from scratches.
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