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JetSetter 86C White (10th Anniversary)

JetSetter 86C White (10th Anniversary)

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[10th Anniversary Model / Special Color] JetSetter 86C White [Final]


Second sale of 10th anniversary model! This is the last.

It is "Hachiroku" that specially wears the image color of Patagonia in South America. In the spring of Patagonia, the white of the remaining snow in the mountains, the orange of the sun, and the blue of the clear sky dye the whole body of this rod. 
Hachiroku Special, which also camouflages large fish that are

light and dexterous to control lures . A 5-piece pack rod designed to target small trout to large trout, salmon, taimen, pike, and small mouse while traveling to North America, Europe, Mongolia, Russia, and Patagonia in South America. How to use depends on the angler. I was able to catch small fish less than 10 centimeters, meter over, and monsters over 30 kilos. Anyway, casting and retrieving is fun and irresistible. A long bait casting model that can be used with ultra-lightweight lures by installing bait finesse reels, and can use lures up to 60 grams with normal reels. Because the lightweight lure is long cast, the delicate tip senses the movement of the lure and the attack of the fish, and the supple berries do not repel the fish and follow the fast force and heavy torque dexterously.

JetSetter 86C DS
Length: 2 meters 59 cm
Number of joints: 5 (Piece) Closed
dimensions: 56.2 cm
Line: 5-12 lb (Monofira), 0.8-3 (PE)
Luer: 1-35 g (Recommended)
Included: Special case
(Reference: Line is PE4, Leader 60 lbs, Luer weights have been tested up to 60 grams. Please enjoy the recommended data when using it as it is the result of the limit test.)

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