JetSetter 69C Tokyo Beast (JetSlow x Tulala)

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Sexy purple × Sexy number for adults only.

JetSetter 69C
Length: 6 feet 9 inches
Weight: Approx . 195g
Fast action, heavy class
Compatible weight: 1/4 oz - 2 oz
Number of joints: 4 Closing
dimensions: 56 cm
Line: Monofila 12 lb - 25 lb, PE ~ 5

A rod born from Tokyo, Tokyo, strong like a wolf (and a merciless hunter) with no borders (no borders) world wide field. is. Produced by designer Kozo. A new style to send to the world from Shibuya, where he lives. Rod's explanation to him. Here you go. (Mizuguchi)

Strong, supple and agile.
Equipped with black-purple armor, we have created a bewitching rod that looks like a Japanese sword.

There is no feeling of leading weight due to the well-balanced design. The rod can be freely manipulated vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The fast-action, highly sensitive and swing-through tip can be rigged with a 7g sinker to carefully poke the bottom or quickly jerk a big bait of around 2oz.

The main battlefield is impregnable heavy cover.

A serious game with a big fish that unfolds in the deepest part. A strong belly that shoots through the thick jaws of the hook and turns the fish's face toward you, a bat that does not give the opponent the initiative, and a grip that integrates with the arm will surely assist you in interacting with the fish.

And big baits up to around 2 oz, and scrolls in general can also be operated. The tough and supple 69C can handle long-distance fights, shoreline fishing, and frog games at a high level. You will feel as if you and your partner are going to challenge a powerful enemy in pairs.

A NO BORDER rod that removes barriers such as "special for ◯◯".
How to use is free, 100 people 100 ways.

The closing size of 56 cm can be easily stored in a general suitcase. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy it, such as taking a break on a business trip, or secretly hiding a secret weapon from your partner.

As much as I worked hard at work, I want to enjoy playing as much as I can. 69C is a rod that you want to have on your side.

One of the impressions that hands and feet tremble with 69C.