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JetSetter 63C

JetSetter 63C

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Lure used: 5-50g (recommended) 
Rod power: XH
Closed length: 50cm

JetSlow x TULALA Jet Setter 63C

JetSetter ..
are old-fashioned rich and fashionable people who travel a lot ! People who are busy jetting around the world and traveling for their favorite activities. JetSlow x TULALA JETSETTER 63C BAITCASTING ROD FOR HARD FISHING.It is capable of casting large and heavy lures, and has the performance required when sending lures to fish under heavy cover or into hard structures. You can calmly face the big fish that you haven't seen yet and will meet in the future. How heavy a lure you can throw depends on your casting skill, but I would say up to 5 to 50 grams (if you can throw it comfortably), the class is XH. I wanted to be able to throw the slider 12S, Fasso 14, and basic size big bait (2 ounce class) that I regularly use in overseas fishing trips at 63C. Of course, it is a taper that can be retrieved and action. (The manufacturer's recommended casting weight is 2 ounces, about 50 grams. Please enjoy 51 grams or more at your own risk.) Another is frog games with heavy cover, buzzbaits, and even while cutting through the cover . spinnerbaiting. Heavy Texas to break thick cover, also for sustain.

The Jet Setter 63C is 4 pieces and has a final size of about 50 cm. You can act by hiding it in your trunk or backpack. Since a rod case called a bazooka is not required, the above-mentioned "magic wand" effect cannot be demonstrated, but instead, high mobility can be obtained. With one less piece of luggage to carry, you can take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the countries you visit, walk while eating French fries, or hold the hand of someone special.

All fish are targeted. The lure to throw and the rig are up to you. Of course, it's up to you where you want to go with this rod. Length : 6 feet 3 inches (190.5 cm)
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