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JetSetter 60S World Tourer

JetSetter 60S World Tourer

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JetSetter60S A traveling musician's fishing rod.

The Jet Setter 60S is a traveling light versatile spinning rod supervised by Mr. Taro Hakase, a world-famous violinist who is also famous for his love of fishing.

Spinning model based on Jet Setter 60C, the most popular and fun rod in the Jet Setter series.

It is a fun action inherited from 60C where you can find a playmate in any field, from trout and bass to small blue fish in the sea.

The blanks are designed with the melody of that famous song "Jonetsu Tairiku" with Hakase's handwritten score, and there is also a signature on the separate grip part.

The rod case also creates a special case. We used high-quality vegan leather that matches the color of the rod, and the interior is made of brushed material that pays homage to the instrument case, giving it a sense of ownership.

The guide is a microwave guide specification like JetSetter64S and 80S.

 Be careful not to loosen the rod. If each rod is not firmly connected, it may be damaged. As a pack rod and multi-piece type, it is made to be strong, but it may be damaged depending on the load, such as fighting with too big or strong fish, holding the line and bending it at an acute angle due to unreasonable pulling out of the fish, etc. There is also a thing. In case of damage, replacement parts are available for each piece (tip, second, third, force...) for a fee. If you send us the damaged parts, we will send you replacement parts by cash on delivery.
 Also, if you apply rod ferrule wax to the joints, it will prevent loosening and make it less difficult to remove.

Lure used: ~10g (recommended) 
Line used: ~1 (PE) ~10lb (nylon, fluorocarbon)

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