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JetSetter 60C Micro Touch II (10th Anniversary)

JetSetter 60C Micro Touch II (10th Anniversary)

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JetSetter 60C Micro Touch II [Final]


When I decided to select two 10th anniversary models, the first one I chose was the 60C that everyone loves. First of all, the color is the color of the earth, the gentle color of the sky, and the color of the sun, which is the same concept as the 86C. This expresses the natural colors seen in the polar regions. Purple is the fiery sunset I saw someday.

And the guide is also special! It is a guide and setting that gives a longer flight distance with fine thread and lightweight lure.

JetSetter ..
are old-fashioned rich and fashionable people who travel a lot!

JetSlow × TULALA
JETSETTER 60C Micro Touch Jetsetter 60C

is a rod for fishing in the "world" with 4 pieces of bait finesse.

"Supple, strong, slender and delicate, but actually has spring-like muscles in the core."

Nelson Nakamura, one of Brazil's leading anglers, also praised and donated one of the proto models. It came to. thank you.

The jet setter pack rod is a versatile versatile rod series for catching medium-sized fish all over the world. In particular, this 60C Micro Touch is a model that belongs to the category of bait finesse, and is good at using lightweight spoons and spinners, as well as lures that require fast and fine movements such as pencil baits and minnows. The final size is 50 cm in a special case.

By setting the final size to 55 cm or less, which is the maximum total length specified by the airline company, which is the carry-on limit, it is possible to carry it on board. It can also be stored in a standard trunk or Boston bag. The Jetsetter will always be with you as a must-have for any trip, without bothering you.

Its compactness and versatile increase the chances of enjoying fishing, rod packaging to meet quality fish. That is the concept of the jet setter.

In a 44-day test in South America and Africa, a maximum of 6 kg of Tsukunare Asu (peacock species) and a 5 kg class snook in the sea. Amazon fish such as osteoglossidae, talyra, and several peacock species. Small species in Africa.

In Japan, bass, sea bass, and rockfish fishing with a small plug are also very fun! How to use depends on the angler. The fish species is up to you.

 Be careful not to loosen the rod. If each rod is not firmly connected, it may be damaged. Although it is made tough as a pack rod and multi-piece type, it may be damaged depending on the load, such as fighting too big or strong fish, taking in with a line, bending it at an acute angle by pulling out an unreasonable fish, etc. Sometimes. If it is damaged, replacement parts are available for a fee for each piece (tip, second, third, force ...). If you send us the damaged parts, we will send you the replacement parts by cash on delivery.
 Also, if you apply rod ferrule wax etc. to the joints, it will prevent loosening and reduce the difficulty of pulling out.

Dedicated semi-hard case "Predator" is included.

Lure used: ~ 12 grams (recommended) 
Line used: ~ 1.5 (PE) ~ 10lb (nylon, fluorocarbon)

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