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JetSetter 50CT (Telescopic BC) (USED, 9/10)

JetSetter 50CT (Telescopic BC) (USED, 9/10)

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#JetSetter 50CT (Telescopic BC)

- USED, 9/10, mild stains on reel seat & cork

JetSetter .. are old-fashioned rich and fashionable people who travel a lot
! People who are busy jetting around the world and traveling for their favorite activities.

A short telescopic bait model with excellent portability that can be carried anywhere.

Even if you are traveling by train, you can go to restaurants, museums, art galleries, hot springs, anywhere without hesitation.

When I was a child, I wanted to take my favorite toy with me wherever I went.

As with all Jet Setters, the choice is yours.

With a short length of 5 feet that can swing even in a mountain stream, you can shorten it while setting the lure to perform stream climbing or high winding, and you can cast immediately at the point you care about.

In addition, it is easy to handle even with kayaks and floaters, and you can comfortably operate and play with medium-sized lures for bass.

The 34cm closing size makes it easy to carry along with a single-lens reflex camera in a bag and take beautiful pictures of the fish you catch.

It is a “tool” for serious fishing that gives you a sense of security, and a “playground equipment” for enjoying the game of fishing.

Put it in your commuting bag and leave the house early in the morning and wake up early in the morning, or in the evening before returning home. How to put together a tackle, such a new fun will spring up.

By keeping it in your bag, you can feel fishing more familiar, and you can become an angler at any time.

[JetSetter 50CT]
Swing-type bait rod
Length: 1.52m
Closed dimensions: 34cm
Line: ~12lbs
Lure: 3-14g
(Case not included)

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