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JetSetter 40CT (Telescopic BC)

JetSetter 40CT (Telescopic BC)

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It's like a magic wand. If you pass the line through the guide and leave the lure attached, when you feel like fishing, you can simply extend the blank and be ready to cast. This 4-foot model is the most compact model, and while it has a toy feel, it emphasizes basic performance as well as the feel of bending, throwing, and bending. A secret tool for adults to play with fish.

The lightest model in the telescope series that has excellent portability and can be carried anywhere.

The extremely compact closing size of 32 cm makes it ideal for camping and mountain climbing. If you carry it along with a small tackle box and reel, you won't regret it when you find a fishing spot nearby.

In addition, it does not get in the way when high winding or climbing in mountain areas or headwater areas, and when you reach the point, you can straighten out the rod and start fishing immediately.

The 4ft length allows you to accurately cast lures even in small places surrounded by obstacles, and it is also the perfect length to make it easy to make small actions.

Also suitable for small targets in lakes, ponds, and the sea.

As with other Jetsetter series, it's up to you what kind of fish you catch.

[JetSetter 40CT]
Swing-out bait rod
Length: 1.2 meters
Closing dimension: 32 cm
Line: ~8 pounds (PE1)
Lure: 1 to 7 grams
(case not included)
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