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JetSetter 36C Sprout

JetSetter 36C Sprout

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JetSetter 36C Sprout

"Because of its shortness and flexibility, if you swing it freely, it's like a baton
that can control the headwaters."

The shortest rod that can be cast accurately in narrow spaces.
Bait finesse, delicate and highly controllable.
Small, but can face monsters.

[JetSetter 36C SPEC]
Length: 3 feet 6 inches (approximately 1 meter 7 cm)
Storage size: 42 cm
Number of joints: 3
Dry weight: 72 grams (average value)
Response: UL class
Line: 0.4-1.5 lb (PE), 2-8b (nylon, fluoro)
Lure: 1-7g

Balance 1 (reel not attached): Near the center of the reel seat
Balance 2 (reel attached): Near the center of the reel seat (almost the same position)

The 36C is the shortest and most maneuverable rod in the JetSetter series (as of January 2023). This shortness and micro casting performance are the length and performance that anglers who love the headwaters of Japan wanted. There was a simple desire from support anglers and fans who use the 46C a lot, "I want a shorter rod." However, a fishing rod does not work simply by shortening it. It is a bit difficult to make it 3 feet class in particular. The shorter it is the more delicate the taper must be set in order for it to function. The 36C is designed to bend firmly, yet supple and stress-free to operate. Even with lures weighing 1-2 grams, you can feel the casting sensation firmly in your hands and forearms. The 36C is great for casting from any direction, 360 degrees, whether forehand or backhand, without stress. In places surrounded by rocks, trees, and various obstacles, the 36C's compactness and easy-to-bend casting is put to good use.

With an extremely compact minimum turning radius, the accuracy is also very high, and it has the controllability to aim at not only short distances, but also pinpoint spots, even spots within ±5 cm.

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