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Iron Mouth

Iron Mouth

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128mm 25g

Wide-area, high-speed search type splasher pencil
The fusion of plastic and metal opens up a new world!

The characteristics of the long-distance
iron mouse are its ultra-long-distance casting ability that defies headwinds, its sharp, high-speed dogwalk action with a splash that makes you think baitfish are cornered on the water's surface. It is located in The iron mouse is good at the

wide dog walk characteristic of pencil baits, the iron mouse's power is best demonstrated by the feeding instinct (hunting instinct) switchA non-stop, high-speed dog walk with intense splashes. By producing the movement and spray of baitfish fleeing on the surface of the water while being chased by fish eaters, it strongly stimulates the hunting and competitive instincts of bass, inducing an intense bite on the surface.

How to - Usage -

In the case of a high-speed dog walk that involves splashing, immediately after landing on the water after a long cast, first set the rod upright and stir the line strongly to avoid letting the line drop to the water surface.

The trick is to quickly lower the rod once the lure has passed the halfway point of the casting distance, maintain a good angle between the line and the water surface, and manipulate his rod position to prevent the lure from jumping out of the water.

In contrast to the Iron Mouse, which exhibits a wide slide width, low-speed table turns, splashes, and high-speed dog walks in a well-balanced manner, the Jagi Mouse (soon to be released) has a reduced slide width and is good at making more violent splashes at low to high speeds. Although designed for fluorocarbon line, he can create a more intense splash by using PE or nylon line .

Detail - detail -Although it is a short bill, the slightly longer lip allows it to dive deeper and create sharper darts.Magnetic center of gravity movement system
Ultra-thin high-altitude metal cup achieves high-speed dog walking action with
a wide range of splash and reduced travel distance. The combination of an aerodynamic body with well-thought-out air resistance and an optimal center of gravity provides a flight attitude with excellent straight-line performance. In addition, the fat tail shape improves the sharpness of the swinging turn during dog walk action, making it easier to generate splashes even with light rod work.
< Suitable Tackle>
Rod: 6-6.6ft Medium-Medium Heavy Action Rod
Line: Fluorocarbon 10-13lb, Nylon 10-16lb, PE No. 2-3 Do not leave it in a place exposed to direct sunlight, such as in a car. ●When removing weeds or debris from the hook, avoid slamming it onto the water surface as this may damage the lure. ● Imakatsu has a thorough check system at the time of shipment, but if the lure does not swim straight, move the eye to the left when swimming to the right, move the eye to the right when swimming to the left, or use radio pliers, etc. Do a true tune with a slight bend.
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