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Insect Repellent underwear bottom (AP-00327)

Insect Repellent underwear bottom (AP-00327)

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  • Size:
    [M size] Waist: 65cm / Inseam: 69cm / Leg circumference: 20.5cm
    [L size] Waist: 69cm / Inseam: 72cm / Leg circumference: 21cm
    [XL size] Waist: 73cm / Inseam: 75cm / Leg circumference: 21.5cm
    [XXL size] Waist: 77cm / Inseam: 78cm / Leg circumference: 22cm

Special insect repellent fabric provides safe protection! Just wear it and you'll enjoy high insect repellent effects.

The special fibers contain ingredients that insects dislike, so they keep insects away.
In addition, they are highly resistant to washing, so the insect repellent effect will not disappear even after washing, and will continue to exert its effect.

Supports comfortable outdoor activities! Protects your skin with insect repellent and UV protection

In addition to being insect repellent, it also has UV protection to protect your skin from strong sunlight and UV rays.

Cool fabric keeps you comfortable even in the hot summer

The fabric has a cooling sensation when touched, allowing you to stay comfortable and free of discomfort even in hot weather.

Moisture wicking and quick drying keeps you comfortable even when you sweat

It quickly absorbs sweat and moisture from the body and dries it,
keeping the inside of the garment dry and comfortable.

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