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Insect Repellent T-Shirt Long Sleeve (AP-00319)

Insect Repellent T-Shirt Long Sleeve (AP-00319)

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  • Size:
    [M size] Length: 68cm / Width: 53cm / Shoulder width: 47cm / Sleeve length: 59cm
    [L size] Length: 70cm / Width: 55cm / Shoulder width: 50cm / Sleeve length: 61.5cm
    [XL size] Length: 72cm / Width: 57cm / Shoulder width: 54cm / Sleeve length: 64cm
    [XXL size] Length: 74cm / Width: 59cm / Shoulder width: 58cm / Sleeve length: 66.5cm

Special insect repellent fabric provides safe protection! Just wear it and you'll enjoy high insect repellent effects.

By incorporating ingredients that insects dislike into the thread, you can expect insect repellency just by wearing it. It is
highly resistant to washing and its effectiveness lasts almost permanently. Simply wearing it provides simple, safe, and continuous insect repellent effects.

Supports comfortable outdoor activities! Protects your skin with insect repellent and UV protection

In addition to being insect repellent, it also has UV protection to protect your skin from strong sunlight and UV rays.

A dry T-shirt that feels good against the skin and is comfortable to wear.

The versatile design
makes it suitable for fishing, outdoor activities, and everyday use. Made of soft, stretchy dry fabric.
The cotton blend makes it comfortable to wear, breathable, and comfortable to wear.


  • Material: 70% cotton / 30% polyester
  • Effect: insect repellent, UV protection, dry
  • Color: Black
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