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Huge Custom H3N-62F

Huge Custom H3N-62F

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Length: 6'2 "(1 piece / grip removable)
Action: XXX-Heavy Fast Taper
Grip Length: 490mm
Own weight: Approximately 215g
JAN code: 4544565172551
2012.9 release.
End of production on April 1, 2022

The "H3N-62F" was developed to fight against 20kg-class monsters such as Papuan Bus with an extremely poor location on overseas expeditions and an approach from an old small boat.
The taper that supports a wide range from operation plugs such as big pencils and large jerk baits to big cranks and wire baits, and the blank that considers the accuracy around the complicated bush, is suitable for bites and sudden fights at close range. Also has a torque that does not give any initiative to the other party.
In addition, the expedition specifications have reduced troubles during travel with the final dimensions that correspond to the loading of aircraft, which has become stricter in recent years.

Grip design: The "H3N-62F" has the longest grip length in the 6-foot class, which conveys power without loss even when confronting a 20kg class monster and does not allow any power loss.

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