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Huge Custom Genoma HG3-65F (3pc) (USED, 9/10) with rod bag/sleeve

Huge Custom Genoma HG3-65F (3pc) (USED, 9/10) with rod bag/sleeve

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#DEPs Huge Custom Genoma HG3-65F (3pc) (USED, 9.5/10)
- with rod bag/sleeve
- 1 time Papuan Black Bass game use
- salt use stains on several guides
- clean overall, no visible damages

Action:XXX-Heavy Fast
Lure Wt: 1-14oz
Grip Length:296mm(Gripend486mm)
Foregrip: 72mm
Closing dimension: 688mm
Weight: 193g
2023.9 ​​release.

A rod equipped with the strongest power in the series.
This successor machine inherits the torque and power of the "HUGE CUSTOM H3N-62F", which was perfected after repeated tests, focusing on Papuan bass, which is said to be the strongest freshwater bass.
The lures used range from Slide Swimmer 175 to Glaring Kogeki, with a length design that is advantageous for giant baits at close range.
The flagship model of the "GENOMA" series is released with confidence that there is no mobile rod stronger than this.

Something that inherits the genes of HUGE custom.Released in 2010 targeting all kinds of giant fish, both in Japan and overseas, this blank has been used by many monster fish hunters as it shows unparalleled power and demands power and torque that won't succumb to giant fish. HUGE Custom”.
The length is more suited to the field than the previous model, and the multi-piece structure eliminates unexpected troubles that can occur overseas, so while inheriting the "HUGE custom" genes, it can be stored in a suitcase and is easier to carry. “GENOMA” will be released as the 2nd line of HUGE custom, which boasts high performance at an affordable price.


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