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Hip & Shoulder Bag HD2

Hip & Shoulder Bag HD2

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EG hip & shoulder bag HD2

EG hip & shoulder bag HD2

EG hip & shoulder bag HD2

The "Hip & Shoulder Bag HD" has been renewed, using thick fabric that takes into consideration the harsh usage conditions of land anglers, and you can choose how to use it according to your style, from the shoulder to the hip bag.

The frequently used main zipper has been changed to a vislon type to reduce salt bite and sticking even if seawater is splashed. In addition, the three dedicated accessory pouches have changed the capacity and shape of each pouch, including the mobile pouch that is compatible with smartphones.

"Hip & Shoulder Bag HD2" with improved robustness and ease of use. Regardless of the field target, it strongly supports action anglers.

size 320×190×140mm
Black, Camo, EG green (limited color)




  • Used as a shoulder bag

    Used as a shoulder bag
    If you insert the belt, you can use it as a shoulder bag.
  • use as a hip bag

    use as a hip bag
    You can use it as a hip bag by connecting it directly without using a belt.
  • A. Multi-purpose goods case

    A. Multi-purpose goods case
    It is a multi-purpose goods container that can store various small items. Comes with a convenient carabiner when used alone.
  • B. Pouch

    B. Pouch
    It is ideal for putting a digital camera, sunglasses, etc. inside because it uses cushioning material. Comes with a convenient carabiner when used alone.
  • C. Mobile pouch

    C. Mobile pouch
    Mobile pouch that supports a wide range of sizes. Comes with a convenient carabiner when used alone.
    *There are some products and models that do not fit in size.
  • face tape for replacement

    face tape for replacement
    The multi-purpose goods container, pouch, and mobile pouch can be replaced with hook-and-loop tape.
  • pliers holder

    pliers holder
    Equipped with a dedicated holder at the optimum position so that you can quickly take out the fishing pliers.
  • chalk bag pocket

    chalk bag pocket
    A chalk bag type pocket that can also be used as a drink holder or dust pocket.
  • plastic fasteners

    plastic fasteners
    Equipped with a plastic fastener to reduce salt dust caused by use in salt water.
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