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Gun2 Zero Snake Head Special

Gun2 Zero Snake Head Special

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It has both the power and maneuverability of a snakehead rod. Its uses will expand endlessly.

This is a challenge to preconceived notions and a challenge to the performance of a pure fishing rod. The idea began in the spring of 2010. Is it possible for snakehead rods to have mobile functionality? This idea came to the mind of the project developer. And a long period of trial and error. The GGZ-74HH3 was finally born. As this is the 1st model, versatility is our top priority. Although it is a little difficult to use in important cover, it has the same power as GGZ-70HH. The slow and smooth taper hardly makes you feel that it is 3pcs. It can be said to be suitable for catching large overseas species such as snakeheads and large pike in wetlands, which can be targeted from boats. Then, in 2016, we added the GGZ-74RH3, which is a bit more powerful than the GGZ-74HH3 and has added "tension" overall. Although it is still a little difficult to cover important areas, it can be used in a wider variety of fields than the GGZ-74HH3. This model is also suitable for catching large snakeheads from overseas and large pike in wetlands. This model can also be an option when targeting large fish in open waters overseas with bait tackle.

GGZ-74HH3 is strengthened by one rank. It is possible to attack areas with relatively high density of aquatic plants. It is as slender as the GGZ-74HH3, but by adjusting the elasticity of the graphite, it has a slightly higher power. Its power is close to that of GGZ-73RH. However, since it is a 3pcs model, it should not be as difficult as the 1pcs model. Don't forget to check the joints during use.


Equipped with a highly rigid Fuji stainless steel frame SiC K guide double foot model (EKWSG) with double wrapping. The top guide is EMNST.



Joints are a concern when playing games that require power, but we use a well-reinforced put-over joint to ensure strength.



Adopts a long nut that does not easily loosen and is easy to tighten. The length can be adjusted with an anodized aluminum spacer, making it compatible with reels with long reel feet.



The grip end is equipped with a counter balancer (28g) machined from SUS304. This reduces the feeling of weight and contributes to a comfortable feeling of use.
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