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Groovy 66C (Flightex)

Groovy 66C (Flightex)

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Model Groovy 66C
Code GR66C
Action F.
Length (ft) 6'6"
Folded length (cm) 88
Rear Grip Length (cm) 22.5
Rod Wt. (g) 145
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) -
PE (# ,MAX) 1 (up to leader MAX20lb)
Cast Wt. (g) 3 to 10


For familiar light games.

A rod that you will want to take with you on holidays.

Salt, trout, bass, light bait rod regardless of fish species

The Groovy 66C is a rod with a similar taste to the Groovy 70S.
The tip is a solid tip similar to 70S. A soft tip suitable for delicate bites such as horse mackerel and rockfish.
Same as other groovy series, 2 piece + grip joint specification. The closing size is shortened to 88 cm, and it is designed to be a comfortable length when traveling by car or public transportation.



*The photo is the final sample.




The guide design is a low-angle, small-aperture, multiple setting common to the series.
It is designed to maximize the power of the rod and trouble-free on the PE line.






In freshwater, pin-shooting in streams, light-top game and minnows in black bass.
The length that is not too long is also advantageous for handling in narrow places.
When casting, it bends obediently from the tip to the belly, and even with a short take-back, the weight of the lure can be firmly placed on
him and cast is possible.





Rockfish plucking and jig heads in saltwater. such as micro jigging.
In particular, it is suitable for jig heads of about 3 to 5 g and micro jigging.
The power from the belly to the bat can handle unexpected big things that come unexpectedly.
It is originally a light game rod, but it is designed with a certain amount of power, assuming that sea bass is caught when aiming for rockfish.









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