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Gold Digger 600

Gold Digger 600

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gold digger 600

gold digger 600

[Additional new colors / Scheduled to be released in October]
・#602 Big Bite Chart
*Release may be delayed due to manufacturing reasons. Please note.

A secret super-deep diver who digs a super-deep gold mine.

Produced by Toshifumi Kikumoto. Gold Digger is a super deep diver who captures deep crank's "unexperienced zone" 6m range over.

Its well-calculated body design and center-of-gravity movement system deliver an unbelievable flight distance, allowing you to dive steadily. In addition, its pulling comfort promises a light retrieve resistance that does not suit the deep dive depth. A deep crank that you can throw down and pull down comfortably all day long.

The slim minnow shape body attracts deep monsters that don't strike conventional fat deep cranks. Unexperienced range keeper hard bait that easily clears 10m in dragging.

Directly hit the school of deep bait fish that did not reach. A super deep crank that catches bass that could not be caught with a worm. That is the secret crank "Gold Digger" that digs ultra-deep gold mines.

full length 11.0cm dead weight 32.5g
type floating diving range 5.5-6.0m
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium to medium heavy 7'0" to 8'0" Bait rod
Line: Fluorocarbon line 10 to 20lb.
Ring (snap) size [Line Eye] #3, [Hook Eye] Front: #3, Rear: #3
hook size [EG Treble Magic] Front: #3, Rear: #3



  • Long stroke center of gravity movement system

  • Low center of gravity fixed sub-weight

  • Offset square round lip

  • minnow shape design

  • treble magic


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