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To firmly grip things, rods, fish grips, pliers, fish, cameras, boats. It is a glove that grasps the "earth" and is sent to those who play with "animals on earth" that have been tested all over the world and confronted with fish all over the world.

Made in Kagawa, Japan. Speaking of gloves, Kagawa Prefecture. Skilled craftsmen make each piece one by one.

1) First of all, you should be able to grasp and hold an object firmly
2) You can hold it in your hand for a long time
3) Protect the back of your hand from sunburn
4) Protect your hand from poisonous insects
5) A sense of security
6) Keep swinging the rod more than usual
7) Gloves that look like the skin on your hands

On the back of your hands are predators from the world of illustrator Toxin . Smooth nylon is used to protect against sunburn, but it doesn't get stuffy, so you can continue fishing in the cool summer even in a scorching field. The palm is made of synthetic leather and rubber, which prevents the grip from slipping, and reduces the grip force than usual to maintain the grip for a long time.

(Size) S M L LL
How to measure the length of your hand...
Measure from the wrinkle on the top of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger with a ruler
If you are 17-18 cm, M size is
18-19 cm, L size is
19-20 cm, LL size

Next, measure your fist circumference. Measure the maximum value of your fist with your hand outstretched.
If you are 19-20cm,
if you are S size 20-21cm, if
you are M size 21-22cm,
if you are L size 22-23cm , LL size

Choose the larger size from these two measurements.

Glove Gloves protect your hands well, making fishing easier than usual, and even making you feel like you're getting better. To play with fish all over the world!