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FTB73XXXXH Unlimited

FTB73XXXXH Unlimited

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Name Length Weight Line Action Dimension Construction



7ft 3inch

30 power


max mono 50lb


XXXXH Regular Fast 150cm One&Half

Anti slip shape design

Anti slip shape design (PAT.P)
A new grip design adopted for ID rods produced from the 2022 model.
Not only does it use sound absorbing materials such as EVA and cork, but it also does not use octopus thread, tape to close gaps, or extra adhesive, so it is extremely sensitive.
Since the blank is gripped directly, the power does not stall even when swinging a big bait with torque and weight.
And it doesn't slip at all even when wet.
The grip design is like a dream. That is the Anti slip shape design.

one & half

02 one & half

Both the PARADOX and FTB series are designed with a one-and-half structure. It uses different modulus of carbon in the tip and butt sections to create a flexible and sensitive tip and a strong, lifty butt section.
The joint clearance is 9-10mm.
If you insert more than this, or if the insertion is loose, the possibility of damage will increase.


03 guide

FOR THE BEAST 807/808/8010 are all double foot specifications.

Shine on the rod

04 Shine on the rod

Since the ID rod is made of sand (paper), the blank has a pattern-like shine. Basically, ID rods are composed of 0° and 90° carbon. When producing this blank, we shave the surface of the carbon. At that time, the direction of the 0° and 90° carbon fibers is different, so the light direction is different and it looks like unevenness, but there is no problem in use.
You can paint it to hide it, but we intentionally left it unsanded to emphasize lightness and sensitivity.
Thank you for your understanding.

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