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Freely Weight Tag

Freely Weight Tag

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    - Quantity 10 pieces (Yellow x 5, Pink x 5)
    - 2 stickers (yellow and pink 1 each)

    This is an item that allows you to see the weight of the jig head exclusively for the FREELY Slim Jig Head Case!

    We have heard from many customers that they can't tell the weight of the jig head, and we have developed this product to solve this problem. It is designed to fit perfectly into the double-layered slit that is a feature of the FREELY slim jig head case, so it can be stored neatly!

    It comes with a sticker that covers the weight patterns of all 34 jig heads, including the recently released BK head, so you can use it according to your favorite jig head.
    Each package comes with 5 yellow and 5 pink parts, and 2 yellow and pink stickers are also included! Up until now, many people have managed to manage their weight by pasting a sticker on the lid of their case, but the problem was that the location was fixed...!

    With this FREELY weight tags, you can move it freely, so you can flexibly respond to layout changes or new weights added to the jig head!

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