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Flaterris 5.5"

Flaterris 5.5"

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Product features

Uniquely shaped fishtail generates slight vibrations and waves. When making a no-sinker jerk, the tail grabs the water and applies the brakes, making it possible to swing with a small amount of movement. Furthermore, the trembling action appeals to the instincts of fish eaters. This trembling action is extremely effective for down shots, Carolina rigs, free rigs, etc. When retrieving straight with a jig head rig, etc., the tail has a pulsing and slight vibration action. Also suitable for swim jigs and chatterbait trailers. FLATERRIS is a completely new type of stick bait.

Recommended settings

Recommended rig no sinker rig / jig head rig / down shot rig / leaderless down shot rig / free rig / Texas rig / heavy Carolina rig / swim jig trailer etc.
Recommended hook Offset hook / Weighted
hook Recommended hook size 4/0 5/0


FLATERRIS 5.5 inch action video

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